Monday, January 28, 2013

Catching Up...Mini Update

I'm back from my short hiatus, and I am so thankful and blessed by all of sweet and faithful followers!  I appreciate ALL of your very sweet e-mails and sweet comments sent checking in on really did mean so much!!!  Although I apparently have caught the flu that is getting passed around to everyone...things are improving with my health.  So, I feel I can begin providing some attention back to the blog. I've already got LOTS of ideas to share swirling around!  In addition, I've been quite busy with some projects while I was sick (some of you  might remember me stating in the past on here that crafts often provide a great diversion when I'm feeling bad).  In addition, I had several orders that I fulfilled over the holidays.

I thought I might share some pictures of some of the projects that I completed over the holidays/blog break and use this post as kind of a "catch up"..."what did you do over the Christmas/Blog Break" post.  I might go into detail/provide tutorials later.  However, as for now, here are some projects I've recently completed and sold.

Have you worked with Deco Mesh?  I LOVE IT!!!  And, I've sold/made several wreaths with it over the holidays.  These were customized for each individual, per request.  I just love how they turn out!  Here are some of my most recent ones:  (if I get enough response/request...I might provide a tutorial on how I complete one of these...that is if I get several request).  Otherwise, if anyone is interested in purchasing, I can also custom make...feel free to contact me and I can provide a quote...depending on request, size, etc.  Would love to know what everyone thinks??

This Christmas, I also made several Christmas balls for Christmas gifts...each personalized and customized differently.  

Regular followers will know that I have shared apothecary jars in the past....the next two pictures are two sets of apothecary jars that I customized per two individual's requests.  I thought they ended up turning out adorable.  On both accounts, I was provided color guidelines....and then I was provided ability to use my own creativity.

I LOVE personalized items!!!  Below are personalized items I is a wooden balsa letter, mod podged and decorated for a gift.  The other was a bag that was personalized for my husband's boss for Christmas with fabric paint.  I did this by cutting out a stencil with my silhouette and then painting the stencil with fabric paint...LOVE IT!!

So, this is a short "mini version" of what I have done on my mini blog break.  I have lots more to share as well.  I have several inspirational/encouraging posts in the works, as well as sharing with you some other projects that I've got going on.  By the way....if you see anything that you were interested in, feel free to contact me!  I'm more than willing to work with you in customizing any product.  I'm thinking about opening up a shop online.  I've been just selling to people locally that hear by word of mouth...suggestions from those of you that sell online?

One of my next projects to look forward to: our kitchen remodel...have you heard about the product Bondera to assist with tiling? What about using Envirotex resin and paint on your laminate countertops to make them look like granite?  Well...get ready for some tutorials, and before and afters in our mini kitchen makeover...SO HAPPY with our results!!!  

Glad to be back!!! 

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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Blessings, Thankful...and More to come...

Hello everyone...I hope everyone has had a great holiday with your family.  Just wanted to provide a small update that I am still here!  I appreciate all of my followers and love you all...

Saturday, November 3, 2012

C.R.A.F.T. Package Pals Exchange with Jeanette....Homemade Gift Exchange, DIY Gift/Craft Ideas

I had the funnest time participating in the Package Pals Exchange with C.R.A.F.T.  Package Pals, which happens 4 times each year...but this was my first time to sign up for the exchange.  If you want to find out more information...just click on the link, and Jamie (C.R.A.F.T.'s blog author) has a question and answer section....SO MUCH FUN!!!

My Package Pal was Jeanette from Sweet Jeanette and Real Women Eat.  Jeanette shared that she loved to cook/bake.  She also shared that she liked monograms and polka dots.  She stated that her favorite color was hot pink and that she liked blue, purples and red.  She has red/strawberries in her kitchen.  So I took this information to develop my "package" for my "pal", Jeanette.

Here is what I made to send to my "Package Pal":

What do you think? Here is a closer look at the projects and explanations.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thursdays Favorite Things Hop with Katherines Corner Co-Host

I have the wonderful pleasure and opportunity to co-host this weeks Thursdays Favorite Things Hop with my friend, Katie, from Katherines Corner.  The blog hop focuses on the ability to mix and mingle, find new friends/blogs of interest, sharing blog talent and wonderful writing, etc.  If you have never visited her should...SO INVITING!  And, if you are new to my site from the blog hop...WELCOME, friend!

"Friends are friends forever if the Lord's  the Lord of them.  And, a friend will not say never if; If the the Lords the Lord of them; And a friend will not say never; Cause the welcome will not end..."  (chorus from the song "Friends" by Michael W. Smith

Friendship, true lifetime lasting friendship is one of the greatest blessings one can have on this earth.  Friends are the fabric of our lives.  They make us funnier, older,wiser individuals. along with other quality traits as well.  To find a true is blessed.  In General...

Just like I said before, Katie's blog link up party is the epitome of a good social gathering because it is a way to exchange ideas.

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