Monday, May 28, 2012

Toot Your Horn Tuesday #14

Welcome everybody to Toot Your Horn Tuesday #14!  I hope you are having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend with family and friends.  And, I hope you take a minute to thank the Veterans in your life!  I'm glad you are here to celebrate and party with Debbie and me @ Toot Your Horn Tuesday!

I'd like to take a short pause to honor a wonderful Veteran as well as Christian uncle CJ.  He was like a father to of the best men I knew...I love(d) him dearly.  Memorial day last year he past away from a sudden, massive heart attack.  All of this to say...don't take life for granted, this life is but a vapor, and tell those you love how much they mean to you!  I'll always have such wonderful memories of my uncle!

Okay, party time...

Features are posted each Monday before we start the next weeks party in a separate post.  If I featured your post, my feature button can be found in the sidebar.  If you haven't checked out the features from last weeks party...please do, they are AWESOME!!!  Also, we won't feature someone that doesn't have our button somewhere on their blog (doesn't have to be on post or sidebar...but somewhere in link parties, etc.).  And, please update to the most current button, since the party has changed to include both of us...the button has changed as well!

Did you check to see if you were featured by Debbie or myself this week?  Check here to see if I featured you and check Debbie's blog here if she featured you this week.  Remember that features are now their own posts each week on each of our blogs.

Are you ready to party?

The rules for Toot Your Horn Tuesdays are simple:
  1. Please follow both of your hostesses:  Debbie @ Debbie Does Creations and Me here @ Chronic Christian Crafter.  We would also love it if you follow us on our facebook accounts and other social media.  Why?  Well, sometimes there are lots of goodies that happen just on those other media sites that don't happen on the blog, plus I sometimes do extra features on my facebook as well!  (However, not a requirement, but we sure would like it would remind you to come back, check out features, and remind you to link up each week!)
  2. Please grab our button and place it on your blog, party list, link back to our party somewhere so you can remember to come back and check if you have been featured each week; remember to link back up next week, we can spread the word of the Toot Your Horn Tuesday Party! We will not feature without link back to party.
  3. Please link to your post and NOT your blog. 
  4. No more than 3 links per party please.
  5. Please feel free to link up anything that you want that you are proud of.  I especially want to encourage inspirational and encouraging posts as well as crafts, recipes, DIY.  ALL POSTS are welcome!  Of course, family friendly.
Party Button:

Chronic Christian Crafter

Glad you are here to "Toot" your horn...let's get this party started.  Can't wait to see what you guys link up this week...remember you can link up here or at Debbie Does Creations!


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  1. Thanks for co-hosting , Erin. I hope you had a great weekend and you have a great week to come.


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